Five Facts About Unifor’s Attack on UNITE HERE Local 75

1. Unifor’s raid has been a failure.

The vast majority of UNITE HERE Local 75 members have chosen to remain with our local. Of 31 hotels Unifor 7575 has attempted to take from our local, 26 have chosen to remain with UNITE HERE Local 75 because our union has a history of securing leading contracts in the sector.

2. Unifor is wasting its members’ resources.

Unifor could spend its resources on organizing non-union workers. Instead, Unifor insists on continuing to attack our local and raid our hotels. This is not the way forward for the hospitality sector or the labour movement.

3. The raid is unjustified because a supermajority of UNITE HERE Local 75’s elected rank and file leaders requested trusteeship on multiple occasions.

Our rank and file leaders worked hard to reclaim the union from an undemocratic leadership. An Executive Board supermajority requested that our International Union trustee the local on multiple occasions because they felt it was their only hope of a path forward that would ensure that our union represented the interests of its entire membership, not just a privileged few.

4. Unifor leaders face allegations of racism and violations of democracy.

UNITE HERE Local 75 represents hotel and food service workers and is largely made up of immigrants and people of colour. Our rank and file leaders moved to bring in trusteeship because of the undemocratic practices and allegations of racism perpetuated by former leaders who are now working for Unifor to raid our local. Discrimination and abuse of power are unacceptable in our local and undermine our struggle for strong contracts for GTA workers.

5. We’re winning the best contracts!

UNITE HERE Local 75 is winning strong contracts that raise the bar for hospitality workers across the GTA. While Unifor 7575 continues its attempt to raid our local, they are not putting their energy toward negotiating contracts that support workers.

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