Hampton Inn and other hotel workers demand better work conditions, higher wages.

On International Workers Day, Hundreds of Toronto Area Hotel Workers will Picket for a Fair Contract

Workers from UNITE HERE Local 75 are calling on Hotels to Raise Standards, Wages.

Toronto – to commemorate International Workers Day on May 1st, also known as May Day, over 300 UNITE HERE Local 75 members who work at hotels across the Greater Toronto Area are picketing outside the Hampton Inn and Suites in Mississauga, near the Toronto Pearson Airport, starting at 4 PM. Picketing workers are demanding higher wages, respect, and job security that can help them support their families and themselves.

“When we were hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, hotel workers across the country suffered the most,” said Guled Warsame, UNITE HERE Local 75 President and Canadian Director. “Since then, hotels across Canada, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area have not only recovered but are making record profits. That has yet to be reflected in our members’ salaries and work conditions. This must change, and our members are fighting for the living wages they deserve. We are not backing down until we win our fair share!”

Hotels like the Hampton Inn and Suites continue to receive significant funding from government contracts that fill their rooms. And yet, they lay off more staff.

Workers from the Hampton Inn and Suites, as well as from numerous other properties, family members, and allies will picket, chant, and share stories about their struggles to keep up with the rising cost of living without that being reflected in their wages, hours of work, or work conditions.

“Rent and grocery bills are getting more expensive! We are fighting to make sure we don’t fall behind. We know that the number of guests checking in at our hotel has recovered very well since the Pandemic,” said Winsome Hall, UNITE HERE Local 75 member, and Room Attendant at the Hampton Inn. “It is about time that this recovery is reflected in our wages, proper scheduling, and working conditions.”

GTA Workers are joining thousands of hotel workers across Canada and the U.S as they prepare for contract negotiations and possible widespread labour disputes at major hotel brands. Across the Toronto area, more than 30 hotels, covering over 6,000 workers, are set to expire in the coming few months, including at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, the Hilton Toronto Airport, the Toronto Marriott City Centre, and more.

Since the onset of the pandemic, many hotels throughout North America have scaled back services and staffing, while the hotel industry’s Gross Operating Profit per available room in Canada for the first nine months of 2023 was 20.7% higher than the same period in 2019. Hotel room rates have reached record highs as these service cuts linger.

Hotel workers in Toronto are calling for the hotel industry to “Respect Our Work” and “Respect Our Guests” by raising wages and reversing cuts both in hours and in staffing, which have led to painful working conditions. Nationally, hotel workers report heavy workloads, loss of hours, and jobs that aren’t enough to afford the cost of living.

About UNITE HERE Local 75

UNITE HERE is the strongest hospitality union in North America, with more than 300,000 members in the USA and Canada working in the hotels, food service, and gaming sectors. UNITE HERE Local 75 represents nearly 8,000 hospitality workers in the Greater Toronto Area.

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UNITE HERE Local 75 Union Members at the Park Hyatt Hotel Celebrate Record-breaking Wage Increases

TORONTO, November 15, 2023 – Yesterday, Park Hyatt workers represented by UNITE HERE Local 75 voted in favour of a contract that brings them an average of more than 15 percent wage increases over one year. This historic agreement includes not only the largest ever wage increase in the union’s history, but the largest wage increase won by any unionized hotel across the province.

At a time when affordability in the city is challenging, as the GTA’s hospitality and food service workers’ union, UNITE HERE Local 75 is pleased with its continued success in leading the sector in the fight for good wages.

“We are proud of our Park Hyatt members who have fought hard not only for this contract, but to raise the standard for hotel workers across Toronto. This victory proves what is achievable with the power of a strong union led by its members,” said Guled Warsame, President of UNITE HERE Local 75. The historic 15 percent increase will take place over one year, after which union members will negotiate a new contract.

UNITE HERE Local 75 members have a strong track record of achieving industry leading contracts. Through resolve and determination, the union is changing lives in the hospitality sector by ensuring that jobs are safe and that they provide enough to raise families on. Through their contract fights over the years, UNITE HERE Local 75 members have seen monumental achievements that include the highest wages in the sector, the best health benefits in the country, job security, and much more.

“We love what we do and are dedicated to doing our best in our jobs, which are very demanding physically. This contract means so much to us, especially when people across the Greater Toronto Area are struggling with inflation and the increasing cost of living,” said Hayato Ochiai, Park Hyatt Bell Attendant and UNITE HERE Local 75 member. “Many workers in our industry can barely make ends meet. But as members of UNITE HERE Local 75 we are paving the way to change lives for the better, and to ensure that workers in our industry get their fair share.”

Moving forward, the union sees this victory as an opportunity to achieve even bigger successes. Home to over 8,000 members across southern Ontario, the local has more wins in the pipeline.

“There are many workers in our industries who are not unionized,” added Warsame. “This record-breaking contract is a message; hotel, food service, and gaming workers are the ambassadors to this city who have the right to a fair wage that can help them and their loved ones not only live, but thrive. Park Hyatt will not be the last UNITE HERE workplace to raise the industry standards.”

Park Hyatt UNITE HERE Local 75 members voting on new contract

Park Hyatt UNITE HERE Local 75 members voting on new contract


UNITE HERE is the strongest hospitality union in North America, with more than 300,000 members in the USA and Canada working in the hotels, food service, and gaming sectors. UNITE HERE Local 75 represents nearly 8,000 hospitality workers in the Greater Toronto Area.



UNITE HERE Local 75 joins the growing calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and a safe corridor to allow much-needed aid into the besieged area. Humanitarian organizations call the situation on the ground in Gaza “catastrophic”, as no water, electricity, or basic supplies have been allowed into the Gaza strip, home to over 2 million people, since the October 7th Hamas attack on Israel.

As the situation in Gaza worsens, where more than 8,000 civilians, including over 3,000 children have been killed, UNITE HERE Local 75 calls for a definite end to all hostilities from all sides, and urges the Canadian government to work with the Israeli and Egyptian governments to lift the 17 year old blockade on the Gaza strip so that the people of Gaza can have their basic rights of movement, freedom, and safety and security, and their dignity restored.

As of now, all hospitals in Gaza are overwhelmed with patients, injured victims, and displaced families seeking shelter after their homes were bombed. That is not all; the blockade and constant besiegement on the small, dense area have left hospitals without any fuel or clean water, making room for the spread of infectious diseases and making treating those in urgent need nearly impossible.

Without a complete cessation of hostilities, any attempts to let aid into Gaza would be futile, as vehicles, civilians, schools, shelters, and even hospitals have been targeted and bombed. UNITE HERE Local 75 calls on all stakeholders with power to act immediately to stop the violence before any further, preventable casualties.



Happy Thanksgiving from Local 75!

It is Thanksgiving season! The season that serves as a reminder for us to look back in gratitude and look forward with inspiration and insight, as we count our blessings and express our appreciation for our big union family.

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful to UNITE HERE Local 75 members, our union’s most powerful link, for their leadership in our ongoing fight for a better world for their families, their colleagues, and for all of us. As we prepare to enter a new round of bargaining, let us reflect on our past victories, all of which were successful thanks to our brothers, sisters, and siblings who are the reason we are here today.

It is also important to acknowledge that, while some of us enjoy a warm Thanksgiving weekend with our families and loved ones, workers across hospitality, food services, and gaming sectors work hard to make this Thanksgiving holiday a special and memorable one for the thousands of people visiting the Greater Toronto Area. Many of these workers are not yet unionized – it is our duty to bring them into our extended UNITE HERE family and continue raising the standard for hospitality workers in Canada.

Today, and every day, we are all here united thanks to this continuous hard work and dedication of thousands of our members, and we will continue working hard for greater victories and better lives, united, hand in hand with our big UNITE HERE Local 75 family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Labour Day March with UNITE HERE Local 75

On Monday, September 4, 2023, UNITE HERE Local 75’s members and their families will come together in Toronto for the union’s annual Labour Day march.

The march, which will start at Armoury Street at 8 AM, aims to celebrate the over 8,000 Local 75 members across the Greater Toronto Area, predominantly immigrants, women, and people of colour. This celebration is at the core of the Labour Day spirit, a day that reminds us of the continued fight for workers’ rights and better conditions for all. That fight is especially crucial to achieve equality for minorities and women, who are often more vulnerable to exploitation by their employers.

What is Labour Day?

Every year, unions, the labour movement, and workers across Canada celebrate Labour Day on the first Monday of September. The historic day started at a time when unions where illegal in Canada, in 1872. Labour Day existed initially to give workers the chance to campaign for better working conditions, such as 8-hour workdays, weekends, and better pay. Today, Labour Day is a statutory holiday across Canada to celebrate the achievements of workers.