Labour Day March with UNITE HERE Local 75

On Monday, September 4, 2023, UNITE HERE Local 75’s members and their families will come together in Toronto for the union’s annual Labour Day march.

The march, which will start at Armoury Street at 8 AM, aims to celebrate the over 8,000 Local 75 members across the Greater Toronto Area, predominantly immigrants, women, and people of colour. This celebration is at the core of the Labour Day spirit, a day that reminds us of the continued fight for workers’ rights and better conditions for all. That fight is especially crucial to achieve equality for minorities and women, who are often more vulnerable to exploitation by their employers.

What is Labour Day?

Every year, unions, the labour movement, and workers across Canada celebrate Labour Day on the first Monday of September. The historic day started at a time when unions where illegal in Canada, in 1872. Labour Day existed initially to give workers the chance to campaign for better working conditions, such as 8-hour workdays, weekends, and better pay. Today, Labour Day is a statutory holiday across Canada to celebrate the achievements of workers.