UNITE HERE Local 75 Union Members at the Park Hyatt Hotel Celebrate Record-breaking Wage Increases

TORONTO, November 15, 2023 – Yesterday, Park Hyatt workers represented by UNITE HERE Local 75 voted in favour of a contract that brings them an average of more than 15 percent wage increases over one year. This historic agreement includes not only the largest ever wage increase in the union’s history, but the largest wage increase won by any unionized hotel across the province.

At a time when affordability in the city is challenging, as the GTA’s hospitality and food service workers’ union, UNITE HERE Local 75 is pleased with its continued success in leading the sector in the fight for good wages.

“We are proud of our Park Hyatt members who have fought hard not only for this contract, but to raise the standard for hotel workers across Toronto. This victory proves what is achievable with the power of a strong union led by its members,” said Guled Warsame, President of UNITE HERE Local 75. The historic 15 percent increase will take place over one year, after which union members will negotiate a new contract.

UNITE HERE Local 75 members have a strong track record of achieving industry leading contracts. Through resolve and determination, the union is changing lives in the hospitality sector by ensuring that jobs are safe and that they provide enough to raise families on. Through their contract fights over the years, UNITE HERE Local 75 members have seen monumental achievements that include the highest wages in the sector, the best health benefits in the country, job security, and much more.

“We love what we do and are dedicated to doing our best in our jobs, which are very demanding physically. This contract means so much to us, especially when people across the Greater Toronto Area are struggling with inflation and the increasing cost of living,” said Hayato Ochiai, Park Hyatt Bell Attendant and UNITE HERE Local 75 member. “Many workers in our industry can barely make ends meet. But as members of UNITE HERE Local 75 we are paving the way to change lives for the better, and to ensure that workers in our industry get their fair share.”

Moving forward, the union sees this victory as an opportunity to achieve even bigger successes. Home to over 8,000 members across southern Ontario, the local has more wins in the pipeline.

“There are many workers in our industries who are not unionized,” added Warsame. “This record-breaking contract is a message; hotel, food service, and gaming workers are the ambassadors to this city who have the right to a fair wage that can help them and their loved ones not only live, but thrive. Park Hyatt will not be the last UNITE HERE workplace to raise the industry standards.”

Park Hyatt UNITE HERE Local 75 members voting on new contract

Park Hyatt UNITE HERE Local 75 members voting on new contract


UNITE HERE is the strongest hospitality union in North America, with more than 300,000 members in the USA and Canada working in the hotels, food service, and gaming sectors. UNITE HERE Local 75 represents nearly 8,000 hospitality workers in the Greater Toronto Area.